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About Rieves Modul

Rieves Modul is a team of designers, architects, and builders committed to creating beautiful, energy-efficient small houses and modular buildings that are not only cozy but can also operate autonomously.


We use sustainable and easily recyclable materials to make construction durable and long-lasting. We manufacture small summer houses, mobile offices, saunas, and specialize in the development of passive off-grid solutions.

We design our buildings in such a way that they are easy to assemble, or just have them delivered to any place of your choice. Such solutions allow the customer to be sure of the final cost, the deadlines and to protect against the unplanned additional costs that often arise during the long-lasting process. Constructing a building is easy, but to make it a sustainable, autonomous, low-carbon home using passive or alternative energy requires a team of dedicated experts.


Make your dreams come true!

We have developed more than ten exclusive saunas, summer house, and mobile office projects that will serve for many years and will be suitable for all seasons. If you do not find a suitable project among our works, we will help you realize your dreams and make sure that the building stands in a few months.

Consulting and desing works

After listening to your wishes and evaluating the place where the building will have to stand, we will prepare a technical drawing of the building.


Manufacture of the building structure

Within two months we will prepare all the necessary materials for the production of the building.

Delivery of building and materials

We will deliver the already assembled building to your chosen location or collect it in a few days.

Mobili pirtis kilnojama karkasine surink

The Finishing


When the sauna or summer house is already standing in place, all that remains is to complete the interior decoration.

Our Quality Guarantee


All our buildings are made using SIP panels (structural insulation panel) - a three-layer block consisting of two chipboards and polystyrene foam glued in the middle. Combining SIP panels into one block, we get a very strong and thermally insulated construction with exceptional load-bearing properties, good resistance to crushing, bending and, most importantly, thermal insulation performance. SIP panels are used to install outdoor walls, roofs, and floors.

The sauna, summer house, or other building is additionally covered with high-quality exterior and interior finishing materials, which ensures the durability, tightness and durability of the building.

Achieving high energy efficiency with SIP technology is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way. Due to the uniqueness of the technology, fewer resources have been used for the construction, no complicated construction works are required, all works are performed incomparably faster. It is an innovative choice that breaks all construction standards.

Create your dream home or sauna.
Tell us about your project today.

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